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Call waiting

I like to give a title to my illustrations. I like it when they tell something, actually. I try, sometimes even on a very simple scene, to find out which details, looks, postures or props will allow the spectator to tell a story to himself by looking at my illustration. So when I put lots of little details here and there, and God knows I stick details everywhere, they are not there by chance. This is also why you often find in my illustrations a character from my novels and universes. It is easier to tell a visual story when you are supported by a written and developed story.

This is the case here, and the title is evocative, you will quickly understand why I call it « call waiting ». I hope this illustration will make you dream! For the technical aspect, it took me about 12 hours of work, a little less, in fact. The sketch was drawn on Photoshop, the inking was done on Clip Studio Pro and the colour on Photoshop. Clip Studio really does allow remarkable things in terms of painting, but I am a bit limited in my use of tools and as I am used to Photoshop, the changeover is not easy and not quite comfortable for me, but I recommend it. And most of all, it is very affordable for a really remarkable quality.