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Azur and Lisa- tribute to Stjepan Šejić

Three years ago, I discovered Stjepan Šejić and Sunstone, his comic book. His beautiful lines, his incredible talent, his other creations (Death Vigil, Rat Queen)… I was under his spell.

Two years ago, I decided to learn drawing from scratch. One more time. Stjepan Šejić became my role model. Not because I wanted to draw as he did. But because I wanted to reach his level someday.

For two long years, I had to learn everything again. Drop my habits, forget the way I used to draw, rediscover everything. I avidly watched the way Stjepan Šejić was working. Not just him, but mostly him. And several times, as I watched his tutorial videos, tears welled up in my eyes. As they do now.

I never backed down, and God knows I’m not gifted, and my health tried to stop me. I lost hope, often, I stopped trying, sometimes for weeks.

But yesterday, I tried once again. Slowly, I had learnt and actually progressed. And finally, all this work has paid off. Of course, I’m still far from my model. But it

Axelle bouet azur lisa final2
Axelle bouet azur lisa
Axelle bouet azur lisa2
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